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Local Delivery Policy (Upto 20 Miles Radius)


Return Policy

At Subhlaxmi Grocers, the health and wellbeing of our associates, customers and communities is our top priority. Due to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic and our inability to monitor products that have left our stores, we are declining all returns (including refunds, store credits and product exchanges) for the safety of our customers and associates.

Delivery Rates (Updated as of March 13 , 2024) - WE ARE NOW OFFERING SAME DAY DELIVERY (order must be place 4 hours ahead)

Please see our NEW & UPDATED Home Delivery Charges are as follows (Minimum Order Total $50) required :

  • 0-5 MILES RADIUS  - FREE!! 
  • 5-10 MILES RADIUS - $4.99 
  • 10-20 MILES RADIUS - $9.99 
  • 20-30 MILES RADIUS - $19.99
  • 30-40 MILES RADIUS - $29.99
  • 40-50 MILES RADIUS - $39.99
  • 50-60 MILES RADIUS - $49.99
  • 60-70 MILES RADIUS - $59.99
  • 70-80 MILES RADIUS - $69.99
  • 80-90 MILES RADIUS - $79.99
  • 90-100 MILES RADIUS - $89.99


Order Changes  / Substitutions:

Due to increased demand, you may experience some items ordered are no longer in stock, in such cases - we will try our best to substitute the same item with another brand. Our associates will connect with you regarding the details. Once approved - we shall dispatch the delivery. If we are unable to substitute the item, a credit will be issued on your card for the said amount. Please note, our substitions is PRICE MATCHED - NOT QUANTITY/WEIGHT MATCHED.  We appreciate your understanding!


Delivery Schedule (Estimate - Please note, this can change based on the volume of orders)

WE NOW OFFER SAME DAY TO NEXT DAY DELIVERY (depending on the order volume)




Order Tracking / Local Delivery Details

We use automated SMS Notification at 3 Stages of delivery for your convenience. You shall receive the first text when we schedule the order for delivery. The second Text will be received when the driver has picked up your order from the store and is on the way. The last text will be sent once the driver has dropped the packaged to your front door.


If there's any gate need a code to open, please tell us the code of entering gate or let us know if there's any place can collect the packages 

No-Contact delivery, The box will be put right in front door or any collection place.

If the driver was blocked by the front gate and they cannot contact the customer, our drivers will only wait 10 minutes maximum. Drivers will keep trying to call you during the 10 min. And your package will be send back to the store and there will be no refund for delivery fee. 

We have a strict, NO CONTACT delivery.

The Package will be left at your door step or the designated package location.

It is customer’s responsibility to pick up package at earliest.