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Local Delivery Frequently Asked Questions! 


Please review some common frequently asked questions, regarding our Local Delivery. 


  • Do you deliver to my area?

For detailed schedule about your area, please visit our local delivery policy page here. Feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding your specific location.


Delivery Rates (Updated as of March 13, 2024)

Delivery Rates (Updated as of March 13 , 2024) - WE ARE NOW OFFERING SAME DAY DELIVERY (order must be place 4 hours ahead)

Please see our NEW & UPDATED Home Delivery Charges are as follows (Minimum Order Total $50) required :

  • 0-5 MILES RADIUS  - FREE!! 
  • 5-10 MILES RADIUS - $4.99 
  • 10-20 MILES RADIUS - $9.99 
  • 20-30 MILES RADIUS - $19.99
  • 30-40 MILES RADIUS - $29.99
  • 40-50 MILES RADIUS - $39.99
  • 50-60 MILES RADIUS - $49.99
  • 60-70 MILES RADIUS - $59.99
  • 70-80 MILES RADIUS - $69.99
  • 80-90 MILES RADIUS - $79.99
  • 90-100 MILES RADIUS - $89.99


  • Do you offer Curb Side or In Store pick up?

Yes! For the safety of our customers - we offer FREE In Store pickup or Curb Side Pick up Option. Once you have finished shopping online - at checkout, please select Curb Side / In Store pickup.

We offer FREE SAME DAY PICKUP,  please select the available timeslot at the checkout page.

Additionally, Please check our Curb Side Pick up page for details around the process & policy.


  • What is the Local delivery fee? 

(Within 100 mile radius - with some exceptions) Regular home delivery rates are starting from $0 -- No additional Weight Fee!  we also offer FREE Home delivery for specific areas listed above.


  • Is there a minimum order amount? 

Yes, a $50 minimum purchase amount (excluding applicable tax, delivery fee) is required to process and deliver your order.  For Curbside Pick up there is a minimum of $25. For Nationwide Shipping via UPS/USPS - we do not have any order minimum.


  • When can I get my groceries delivered? 

All orders placed are processed as soon as possible -sometimes even the SAME DAY. While we strive to dispatch the orders in a timely manner, due to high demand, we are unable to guarantee delivery between 24 to 48 hours. Thank you for your patience! We always try to keep our customers posted about their order status.


My apartment is not on the first (ground) floor - would you still deliver?

We have a strict NO CONTACT delivery to safe guard our delivery partners & customers. All packages will be left at front door or designated package area in apartment complexes.  


  • I’ve just placed my order, what happens next? 

You will receive a confirmation email of your order, you will then be contact by phone or email by your delivery driver to confirm order, delivery day & time frame.


  • How do I cancel my order? 

To cancel your order, please contact our customer service at 713-589-5788 and email: webstore@subhlaxmigrocers.com. We now charge 10% cancellation fee. Please review everything properly prior to placing your order. 


  • Can I change my order, after it has been placed? 

While we would be happy to accomodate customer requests, making changes on the fly causes errors & unnecessary delays to the shipment. Hence - we do not allow any changes to the order - once it has been placed. 


  • Do I need to be present at the time of delivery? 

Yes, for confirmed Delivery windows, someone over the age of 18 must be present. If someone over the age of 18 isn't present , our delivery partner will leave the package at the door. It is customer's responsibilty to pick up at earliest (as it may have perishable items). Please note -  The delivery fee or order charges will not be refunded.  We use automated Text Notification to keep you updated on the status of deliveries. You will receive 3 text messages as follows :

  • 1. First Text Message when the order is scheduled with approxmite time of delivery
  • 2. Second Text Message when the driver has picked up the pacakge from store & is on the way.
  • 3. Third Text Message when the delivery has been completed.


  • Do you delivery inside my home?

No, our delivery drivers will deliver only up to your front door. They will not enter your home. Someone over the age of 18 years will need to accept delivery from the door front.


  • How do you keep my groceries fresh? 

Your order is selected the day of your delivery and loaded onto our delivery vehicle. Perishables are stored & transported in box, so frozen items stay frozen and vegetables are crispy fresh when delivered. We will try out best to get these delivered to you at earliest - However, we cannot guarantee this and cannot return / refund any of the items if you are not satisfied.


  • What happens if an item is out of stock? 

Occasionally, we may run out of an item. Once you receive order confirmation,  we reserve the right to substitute a simiar item. Please note - we substitute items to the Price total & not by size or quantity or weight.


  • What happens if an item is missing after I received my delivery? 

 We take utmost care to ensure all items are carefully checked prior to dispatch. However, If an item is missing from your order, you have 1 hour from the time of delivery to notify Customer Support (713-589-5788) 

Note that certain items, including Fresh Produce, Dairy products & Frozen Items cannot be returned or refunded once delivered. Please review our Return Policy carefully.


  • Can I find all the products online that I buy in the store? 

Yes. We offer majority of the items online that are in store. If you are looking for a particular item, and cannot find it online – please call our customer service phone 713-589-5788 & our associates will be happy to help you.  


  • I want to shop. How do I start? 

If you have not utilized our online grocery delivery service before, simply visit the subhlaxmigrocers.com site and first create an account for FREE. If you already have a subhlaxmigrocers.com web account, just sign in and start shopping. At checkout – just select local delivery.


  • Can I place a delivery order for someone else? 

If you want to order groceries for a parent, friend or a student away at college, simply create a new account with that person's delivery address and use your own credit card for payment.


How do I pay for my order? 

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards, and debit cards that have a Visa or MasterCard logo. Cash, gift cards, Fast Forward, personal checks and other charge accounts are currently not accepted online. 


  • How do I contact Customer Support? 

Call  at 1-713-589-5788, from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm local time. Or you can email us at webstore@subhlaxmigrocers.com